A Face To The Name With Peter McCafferty

Peter ‘Too Sexy’ McCafferty, 5W-2L is an amateur bantamweight currently fighting out of Higher Level, Dinky Ninja Fight Team. Peter started martial arts as a child taking up Tae Kwon Do and has been training mixed martial arts for the last 4 and a half years and is known as one of the most exciting fighters in the country.  He is also currently a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


In recent fights Peter has opted for precision rather than reckless abandonment. His earlier fights, particularly against Dean Begg and Ryan McShane were crowd pleasing wars that nobody who saw them will ever forget, but as Peter has developed, he has refined his game; maintaining his exciting striking based style but adding a composure and sensible attack that has led to a great improvement in form.

His last win came over Paul Williams at Budo 5 in Newcastle. Peter won that fight by second round rear naked choke and looked impressive in doing so. His first fight since moving from Chimera MMA to the Higher Level DNFT and his development is showing.

Peter's background in Tae Kwon Do showing with this axe kick v Ryan McShane at Vision 4
Peter’s background in Tae Kwon Do showing with this axe kick v Ryan McShane at Vision 4

Peter, it seems, lives and breathes martial arts. From Bruce Lee to Conor McGregor, Peter seeks to emulate and soak in everything he can. Peter admits to being a little in awe of Conor McGregor and his confidence, “I don’t really have a favourite fighter. Every fighter out there has something I admire but I’m pretty much on the Conor McGregor bandwagon right now, he’s bringing a lot to the sport with his words and actions. I think a lot of fighters are perhaps a little scared to be as outspoken as him just in case they can’t back it up.”

“Bruce Lee is also a bit of a hero for me. He was a true martial artist who developed his own style. He lived the life of a martial artist and has my respect for that.”

Family plays a big role in Peters life and none more important than man’s best friend, his dog, Buddy.


Peter McCafferty v Rhys McKee at Scottish Fight Challenge 7: Tear up. 1st September 2013, Albert Hall, Stirling

For almost a year Peter has been training out of Higher Level DNFT and can’t fault them one bit, “Higher Level is like a second home to me now, I couldn’t have been welcomed in any better. The whole team are a great bunch and it’s like one big family. We all pull each other up if we need it.”

Training with a team like Higher level - it's no surprise that Peter has improved
Training with a team like Higher level – it’s no surprise that Peter has improved

Peter trains to be better in every department as his opponent, “I’m always trying to upgrade my skill set, but in saying that I’m always introducing new things into my game. I train so that in any circumstances I may get in when fighting I can quickly adapt and overcome that situation.”

Peter fights this Saturday at Art of Combat 9 in Dunfermline against Kevin Lobban. When asked how he was going to beat Lobban he was brief, “You will see on Saturday how I am going to beat him. He’s good. I’m better.”

One of the nicest people you could meet outside the cage, Peter takes no prisoner's when the cage door shuts.
One of the nicest people you could meet outside the cage, Peter takes no prisoner’s when the cage door shuts.





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