A Face To The Name With Bjarki ‘The Kid’ Omarsson

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Bjarki ‘The Kid’

Bjarki ‘The Kid’ Omarsson (3W – 2L) is an Icelandic amateur MMA fighter who trains out of Mjolnir MMA in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Bjarki has been training MMA for about four and a half years and is an aspiring coach, regularly teaching classes at his gym. Although Bjarki is an amateur he spends most of his time training or coaching.

Bjarki last fought at Shinobi War 4 in Liverpool on 7th March 2015. He fought and defeated Danny Randolph via decision in an impressive display of his skill set.

Fighters from Mjolnir MMA are achieving success all over the world in varying organisations including the UFC. When asked if fighting appeals to Icelandic people Bjarki denied this, “No, fighting does not appeal to Icelandic people so much but we are naturally competitive. I always love competing. I love this sport and learning new things. I just cannot learn all these new techniques then not try them in competition.”

Bjarki identified grappling as the strongest aspect of his game, “I would say I am pretty well rounded, but grappling, jiu jitsu and wrestling appeal to me most.”

Bjarki fights Calum Murrie for the Headhunters Fighting Championship Featherweight Amatur belt on Saturday 2 May at the Dobbie Hall in Larbert, Scotland.

Bjarki had the following to say about his upcoming fight with Murrie, “I know not too much about my opponent, just that he has a good record. My fight camp was great and I feel very good for this fight. I think if this goes the distance it will the best fight on the card. We are both very good on our feet. It doesn’t matter to me that we are fighting for a title. The only title I care about is the UFC title.”

“I think I will finish him in the first or the second round.”

Bjarki (right) with team mate Hrolfur looking lean for his upcoming fight against Calum Murrie.
Bjarki (right) with team mate Hrolfur looking lean for his upcoming fight

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