ON TOP 21 Live Results

Chris Duncan (MXP) vs Niall Smith (Heat MMA, N Ireland)



Kieran Connor (Spartans) vs Steven Moore (EFR, N Ireland)

Kieran Connor wins via TKO round 2


Padraig Magee (Team Torres, N Ireland) vs Reece McEwan (Griphouse)

Reece McEwan (Griphouse) wins via unanimous decision


Frazer Hirsch (Results/Caledonia) vs Przemyslaw Krakowiak (Spartans)

Przemyslaw Krakowiak wins via decision


Micky Pereira (Team Torres, N Ireland) vs Peter McCafferty (Higher Level)

Peter McCafferty wins via unanimous decision


Adam Battley (MXP) vs Kieran Reid (Griphouse)

Kieran Reid wins via submission (RNC) round 2


Kev Brown (Cateran MMA) vs Tony Stewart (Antonine MMA)

Tony Stewart wins via TKO round 1


Dawid Stepniak (Torque Team) vs James Bunten (Force Fitness)

James Bunten wins via submission (head and arm choke) Round 1


Kevin Ferguson (Independent) vs Aaron McDonald (EFR, N Ireland)

Aaron McDonald wins via Unanimious decision


Scott Bruce (Gorilla Fight Team) vs Jon Lee (Griphouse)

Jon Lee wins via submission (RNC) Round 3


Damon Donald (Spartans) vs Pawel Wlodarczak (Higher Level)

Damon Donald wins via TKO round 3


Will Harrison (The MMA Lab) vs Aaron Towns (Results)

Aaron towns wins via TKO round 3


Lucas Davidson (SBG Inverness) vs Max Harding (Obsidian MMA)

Max Harding wins via unanimous decision


Oisin Duffy (Team Torres, N Ireland) vs Nick Fridge (Griphouse)

Oisin Duffy wins via decision


Craig Steven (Gorilla Fight Team) vs Greg Breckenridge (Force Fitness)

Greg  Breckenridge wins via TKO Round 1


Paddy Henderson (FAI, N Ireland) vs Kenny Paterson (SMAC)

Paddy Henderson wins via TKO Round 3

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