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March Madness

Jade Barker (Gym01) Fee Chrystall (Griphouse)

Round 1

Fee starts with some nice 1-2 combinations, Barker stays composed and lands some shots of her own. Barker closes the distance, gets a hold of Fee and pushes her to the cage wall, she looks to be attempting a takedown but Fee controls with wrists, not allowing Barke to get full control around the hips. Barker attempts to loosen up Fee’s base with some foot stomps. The two fighters grapple on the cage till the bell.

Round 2

Barker lands a high kick early but Fee catches it and sweeps her to the mat, both fighters get back to their feet quickly, the two scramble for posting, using Barker’s momentum, Fee tosses her against the cage, lands a knee to the head and a nice elbow. They both separate and Barker catches Fee, Barker follows her to the mat and finishes with strikes on the mat.

Jade Barker wins via TKO round 2 1:53

Michael D’Aguiar (Gym01) Vs Iain Postlethwaite (Ayrshire Fight Academy)

Round 1

Postlewaite lands a nice stiff jab to start, D’Aguiar doesn’t want much of it on the feet by the looks of it, he tries to take Postlewaite down but, he defends. the fight hits the ground soon after, with Postlewaite getting top control, he advances and locks in an armbar. D’Aguiar tries to defend but the submission is in tight, Postlewaite hangs in and finally secures the win via armbar.

Iain Postlethwaite wins via submission (armbar) round 1

Jordan Stronge (Scottish Hit Squad) Phil Mcleod (Higher Level)

Round 1

Mcleod gets the early takedown, passes to side and takes the back of Stronge, Mcleod tries for the rear naked choke ending up on Stronge’s back while he is on his feet, Mcleaod manages to shake him off and get top position. Stronge secures the position and lands punches till the bell.

Round 2

similar to round 1 but this time the opposite way around, Stronge does well with the back of Mcleod, locking in a body triangle……

Round 3

Stronge catches Mcleaod early with a kick that sends him to the mat, Stronge swarms in and lands strikes with Mcleaod trying to defend but Stronger overwhelms him with the referee stepping in to stop the fight.

Jordan Stronge wins via TKO (referee Stoppage) round 3

Alex Bodnar (Gym01) Vs Danny Naismith (Force Fitness)

Danny Naismith wins via submission (Rear Naked Choke) Round 1

Dawid Dlugajczyk (MMA Paisley) Vs Jamie Macdonald (SBG Inverness)

Round 1
Dlugajczyk rushes Macdonald as soon as the fight starts but Macdonald ducks and lands a big takedown. Macdonald moves into half guard and starts to land strikes, Dlugajczyk scrambles and gets out fro the bottom, taking Macdonalds backMacDonaldld nearly shakes him off but Dlugajczyk recovers, Macdonald shakes again causing another scramble, Dlugajczyk nearly gets caught in an armbar but pulls out just as the bell sounds.

Round 2
Dlugajczyk comes out and puts Macdonald against the cage, Macdonald covers up and every time he does, Dlugajczyk attempts a guillotine that results in countless knees from Dlugajczyk. Dlugajczyk has a good second round, working Macdonald on the feet. 

Round 3
Dlugajczyk comes out strong again with a similar start but Macdonald gets a nice single leg and trip on Dlugajczyk, Macdonald fights and gets Dlugajczyk comes out strong again with a similar start but back against the cage and tries to land a rear naked choke for most of the round.

Dawid Dlugajczyk wins via majority decision

Darren Ross (MACSimum MMA) Frazer Hirsch (House of Pain)

Round 1

Both fighters go to the cage quickly, Hirsch gets a nice hip toss and takes top control. Hirsch lands punches from the top and takes side control after a quick scramble. Hirsch locks the arm and sinks in a kimura that forces Ross to tap.

Frazer Hirsch wins via submission (Kimura) round 1

James Myers (Independent) Vs Peter McCafferty (Higher Level)

Round 1

The fight hits the mat quick, McCafferty gets on top and lands punches till the referee stops it.

Peter McCafferty wins via TKO round 1 0.37

Warren Killingback (SBG Inverness) Vs Tee-Jay Little (Force Fitness)

Round 1

Killingback comes out fast and catches Little, Killingback takes the fight to the mat, gets the back and fight for a choke, like the previous fight, Little defends for a short time but ultimately has to tap.

Warren Killingback wins via submission (Rear Naked Choke) Round 1

Ryan Campbell (Scottish Hit Squad) Vs Sean Kerr (Paisley Vale Tudo)

Round 1

A fast start from both fighters, they grapple and take it to the mat. Kerr gets the back and fights to land a choke, Campbell defends for a bit but Kerr finally sinks it in and Campbell has to tap.

Sean Kerr wins via submission (Rear Naked Choke) round 1 1.25

Adam Darby (Team Ryano) Vs James Bunten (Force Fitness)

Adam Darby wins via TKO (Guillotine) Round 3 2:11

Gary McMillan (Scottish Hit Squad) Vs Ricky Kanapolis (SBG Inverness)

Gary McMillan wins via majority decision

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