On Top ‘Toe 2 Toe’ Live results & Play by Play

Daniel Rutkowski (IFS Belfast) Vs. Stevie McIntosh (Higher Level)

Round 1

Rutkowski pushes McIntosh against the cage, McIntosh has an overhook and uses it to escape but Rutkowski keeps on him. McIntosh goes back to the overhook and wrist control. McIntosh gets double underhooks but unsure who initiates the takedown, McIntosh goes down looking to mount but Rutkowski reverses and ends up on top, McIntosh does well to get out and get back to his feet. Rutkowski grabs the head and shoulders and driver McIntosh to the mat, once again McIntosh gets out but takes some strikes on the way back up. McIntosh takes a low blow from Rutkowski that causes him to throw up at the side of the cage, the fight could be called here.

Fight called a no contest.

Andrew Vs. Chris Duncan (MXP)

Round 1

Late replacement for Duncan going into this, Duncan lands some strikes early, follows Andrew to the mat, gets mount and finishes the fight with strikes

Chris Duncan wins via TKO (referee stoppage)

Austin Lynch (Kyuzo MMA) Vs. Kieran Conlin (Higher Level)

Round 1

Conlin comes out, using the space well, circles the cage and lands some lower leg kicks. Lynch engages for the takedown but Conlin powers through and gets the sweep, both fighters scramble, Conlin looks to take a knee to the chest on the feet and shortly after Lynch connects with a great shot knocking Conlin out.

Austin Lynch wins via Knockout round 1

Damon Donald (Spartans) Vs. Kieran Reid (Griphouse)

Round 1

Reid goes for a high kick early on but either get’s caught or slips and hits the mat for a second, Reid rushes Donald across the cage and takes him down, the two fight on the ground with Donald taking Reids back and working to finish the round.

Round 2

Good action in this round from both fighters, both trading shots, Redi gets caught but recovers and then goes for a flying triangle, Donald lands on the mat and starts to defend and just manages to get out, a quick scramble ends up with Reid on top and the bell going.

Round 3

Reid looking tired in round 3, laboured kicks and punches giving Donald the advantage to land some extra strikes. Both fighters grapple against the cage and separate just as the bell rings.

Kiran Reid wins via majority decision


Steven Pirie (Results Gym) Vs, James Bunten (Force Fitness)

Round 1

Bunten starts strong with a powerful leg kick that sends Pirie off balance, Bunten stalks Pirie around the cage and shoots in for a takedown, he follows through with a sweep and ends up in Pirie’s guard, Pirie gets up but takes some hard shots on the way up

Round 2

Round two is all about the takedowns for Bunten as he lands them at will, Pirie does well to get up each time but towards the end of the round Bunten gets mount and lands some strong blows, Pirie once again manages to get out but gets slammed on the bell for his troubles. Pirie shows heart but is visibly injured as he limps back to the corner at the end of the round.

Round 3

Bunten is wise to Pirie’s injured lower leg and chops away at it continuously at the beginning of the third round. With the injured base, Bunten lands another easy takedown and jumps into mount. Pirie managed to reverse and roll out and get’s top position but Bunten gets top control again. Bunten licks in an arm triangle against the cage but can’t find the room to switch over and finish it. The bell sounds with Bunten trying to finish with the arm triangle.

James Bunten wins via unanimous decision

Padraig Magee (Team Torres) Vs. Jordan Struthers (Higher Level)

Round 1

Magee comes forward with a straight but Struthers counters and rushes forward with strikes, sending Magee to the mat. Magee recovers quickly and gets back to his feet. Some spinning stuff from Struthers but nothing lands clean, the pair come together and grapple till the bell.

Round 2

Magee grabs a single against the cage early and gets good lift with it but Struthers lands on top on the way down, bad news for Magee but they both end up back on their feet.  The action picks up again but the bell sounds just as it picks up.

Round 3

Both fighters in and out with quick shots most of the round, Magee gets poked in the eye and the fight stops momentarily but as it starts Magee gets Struthers to the mat but after a good scramble Struthers is back up and the bell sounds ending the fight.

Jordan Struthers wins via decision

Matty Mallon (Spartans) Vs. Nik Binning (MXP)

Round 1

Both fighters circle each other cautiously, Binning shoots in for a takedown and gets it but Mallon locks in the neck. Binning continues to fight for a dominant position and secures Mallon’s back. Binning locks in a rear naked choke, Mallon defending, eyes shut, full pressure on the choke and looks to have been saved by the bell.

Round 2

Mallon rushes out, goes for a takedown but takes a knee to the head on the way down, Binning takes advantage of Mallo’s stumble and takes the fight to the ground, like the end of the first he takes the back but this time locks in the rear-naked choke.

Nik Binning wins via submission (rear-naked choke) Round 2

Dane Dickson (DMMA) Vs. Pawel Wlodarczak (Higher Level)

Pawel Wlodarczak wins via rear naked choke


David Slattery (Wossobama) Vs. Przemyslaw Krakowiak (Independent)

Round 1

Slattery comes out strong, with good strikes and a lovely front kicks that send’s Krakowiak against the cage. After some time on the feet Krakowiakshoots in for a takedown and gets it, gets lands in Slattery’s guard, having a huge height advantage, Slattery locks up Krakowiak until the referee stands it up. The bell sounds soon after

Round 2

Similar to round 1, Slattery uses his reach advantage to keep Krakowiak, Krakowiak shoots in for a takedown but Slattery sidesteps it, Krakowiak goes for another and grabs a single, Slattery defends but Krakowiak keeps pushing and tries to finish it against the cage. Slattery gets out and back to the centre of the cage with the bell sounding.

Round 3

Krakowiak shoots in a double leg early and secures it, Slattery same as round one, wraps up the head and arm but Krakowiak is a lot slipperier this round, he pops his head out and tries to work from guard, the referee stops them and stands them up due to little action. Slattery lands some straights while defending Krakowiak wild hooks until the bell.

Przemyslaw Krakowiak winfs via majority decision


Paul Whitelock (Obsidian Martial Arts) Vs. Scott Gillespie-Hamilton (Ayrshire Fight Academy)

Round 1

Hamilton comes out hard but a little too overeager, he lands good shots but rushing in leaves him open for the takedown, Whitelock shoots in while taking shots and lands it, the fight goes back to the feet quick with Whitelock landing another takedown. He secures a guillotine choke, Hamilton trying to push off and escape but the choke is deep. Hamilton taps.

Paul Whitelock wins via submission (guillotine choke) round 1

Iain Carson (Wossobama) Vs. Phil McLeod (Higher Level)

Round 1

Carson goes for a kick early but McLeod catches it and takes him down, McLeod takes his back and sinks in what looks like a deep rear-naked choke. Carson defends but McLeod locks it in again, Carson tries to fight out but it looks deep, after some strikes to try and loosen up the grip of McLeod, Carson taps to the choke.

Phil McLeod wins via submission (Rear Naked Choke) 1.44 Round 1

Padraig Hannon (Shaolin MMA, Ireland) Vs. Gareth Jones (MXP)

Round 1

Straight to the mat in this one with Jones getting side control. Jones works but Hannon gets back to his feet but only for a second with the fight going back to the mat and Jones working from the top. It looks as if Hannon was trying to get up a submission from his guard but Jones swings the legs and passes, he gets side control then mount and tries to land shots till the bell sounds.

Round 2

Hannon comes out quick, both fighters swing but Jones follows it up with a double leg, they scramble and Jones finds his way to guard. Hannon goes for an armbar but Jones escapes. Back to the feet momentarily before it hits the mat and Jones end’s up back in guard. Jones breaks guard and gets back to his feet. Similar to earlier both fighters swing with Jones following it up with a takedown, not much time left to work as the bell sounds.

Round 3

The fight goes to the mat again, Hannon works for subs from his back but Jones defends while still trying to land shots.

Gareth Jones wins via unanimous decision

Caolan McErlean (Kyoujin, N Ireland) Vs. Logan McGonigal (Higher Level)

Round 1

McGonigal takes a shot early but he recovers fast, avoids any serious and get’s back to work. The fight goes to the cage with McGonigal getting a big slam, he tries to advance on the ground but the bell sounds

Round 2

McErlean starts round two quick but McGonigal settles in quick as well, both fighters trade on the feet until McGonigal shoots in for a takedown against the cage and gets it. McErlean gets back up and takes some shots from McGonigal as the bell sounds.

Round 3

Another quick start for round 3, both fighters active, some spin kicks but nothing really connecting. The fight heads to the ground and McGonigal goes for a rear naked choke, McErlean defends well and gets out. As the action starts again the bell sounds.

Logan McGonigal wins via unanimous decision

Michael Glancy (Glasgow Fitness) Vs. Josh Reynolds (Forza MMA)

Josh Reynolds wins via Submission (Armbar) Round 2

Stuart George (DMMA) Vs. Justin Thain (Independent)

Stuart George wins via TKO (referee stoppage) 2.50 round 2

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