UFC 210: Main Event Breakdown

PG – There isn’t a man alive not called Jon Jones with the tools to beat Daniel Cormier. On paper this rings true anyway. Cormier’s only defeat in MMA is to Jones and a successful rematch against Johnson would surely tee up the long awaited rematch against Jones. However all that being said Johnson v Jones is a mouthwatering prospect! Cormier is the true grinder of the light heavyweight division. He is the ‘Sea Level’ Cain Velasquez of that division. Johnson’s only chance is the first round or early second round KO because there is no way he takes a decision victory against Cormier. The majority of Cormiers fights go the distance or deep into the later rounds anyway. This is why Cormier will win by unanimous decision.


Jimbo – I know Cormier is a terrific fighter. I know every time you expect the bubble to burst it doesn’t (let’s forget Jones). I know he has beaten a whose who of light heavy and heavyweights. Heck, I even know that he smashed Johnson not long ago. Johnson-I know his weakness is grinders, of which there are none better than Cormier. I saw him tap to Cormier not long ago BUT Johnson hits REALLY hard Johnson by TKO Round 1.
Don – Cormier, even with the stacked record of fighters he has beaten still can’t grab the fans, Dana White was quoted during this fight week saying

“It’s the weirdest thing ever that he has not been embraced by the fans,” 

It all comes down to the rivalry he has had with Jon Jones, Jones was tearing up the Division when the two met, Jones taking the victory but the aftermath of Jones suspension and Cormier taking what many believe to be Jones title, still seems to resonate almost 2 years later. Jones tries to play the good guy when he really should be the bad guy, all troubled history aside, he should be the cocky young fighter that gets under other fighters skin and with his record he has every right to play that role. Cormier on the other hand comes across as the bad guy in all of this, sometimes leaning into that but he is the epitome of a good guy, in the same interview White was also quoted saying,

“He’s a great guy. He’s very well spoken and his fights are exciting. Cormier is an exciting fighter. It’s a weird thing.”

This is Cormier’s shot, defend the title in this rematch, go onto face Jones and do what he had planned the first time, beating Jon Jones and cementing himself as one of the greatest champions in UFC history.

Standing on the other side of the Octagon on Saturday night will be one of the baddest men on the planet, Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson, many including myself expected Rumble to take the victory last time these two met and even recently I’ve still been on the Rumble side but to see Cormier win and go onto finish this saga with Jones would seemingly be perfect. Rumble hits hard and knowing he has hurt Cormier before is going to make him even more hungry but as everyone knows, he is susceptible to the grind, something that Cormier does best. If this fight goes passed 2 Cormier should take it but there is still the time in between them for Rumble hurt you and finish you, quick.

Ultimately I see Cormier winning a decision but wouldn’t be surprised to Rumble take him out in the first.


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