UFC Dublin: Paddy Holohan vs. Louis Smolka

Paddy Holohan v Louis Smolka

Round 1 – Pad shoots immediately and gets the takedown to side control! Lou looking for a choke from side bottom. It’s not there. They scramble and Pad has the back! Frantic chess match on the deck. Pad is on top! They’re up and Pad Shiite immediately. Lou scrambles on top! Pad tries a heel hook but no dice. Lou in butterfly top. Pad sweeps to top! Pad survives a foot lock and is in side control. They scramble up and Lou rocks Pad with a head kick! What a pace. Pad hurts Lou with a left! Pad commits to a low ankle pick. Lou uses a kimura to stuff. Massive elbow and right hand combo from Lou to close that had Pad moving back. 10-9 Pad – razor thin. Could be anyone’s. What a fight so far. Everything that’s good about flyweights.

Round 2 – left hook lands from Lou. Pad shoots and beautifully takes the back standing. Pad has a body triangle and the choke looks tight! Lou survives!! Pad still has body triangle though and is unloading shots! Lou scrambles to top. Pad tries to come up but is in a power guillotine which he just escapes. Lou in half guard top! Lou survives an omoplata easily. Shots from Lou on the ground and Pad is hurt!!!! Lou takes mount and the shots are raining down. Pad gives up his back and eats countless unnecessary shots. Shocking of referee not to stop this. Lou eventually chokes Pad out.

Louis Smolka wins via submission RNC.

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