BAMMA 26 postponed 2 months

Due to recent tragic events in the Irish MMA scene, BAMMA have decided to postpone their ‘BAMMA 26’ event.

The full quote from BAMMA:

As most of you are aware, the recent tragedy that occurred within Irish MMA has led to numerous ongoing discussions in regard to regulation and how to make the sport safer for participants.

Whilst no regulation has currently been announced, discussions with leading experts in the medical field have led BAMMA to make the decision to introduce mandatory pre fight MRI/MRA scans for fighters.

This means that every BAMMA fighter will be subject to an annual MRI/MRA scan which will serve as important additional protection for the fighter, whilst bringing BAMMA events even closer to NSAC standards.

After consultation within the Irish sporting, medical and political community, a consensus has been reached that it is vital to introduce these scans for the BAMMA 26 event. With this in mind, and to allow the facilitation of these scans for ALL fighters, a decision has been made to move the BAMMA 26 event from June 4th to September 10th. This will leave 3 months of preparation for fighters to organise scans and for them to be reviewed by relevant medical experts.

Whilst a change in date will always cause certain complications, BAMMA believe that this is a hugely positive and imperative step that needs to be taken. All bouts will carry forward to the new date.”

The sad passing of Joao Carvalho has been met with widespread outcry to have the sport of MMA regulated in Ireland, Carvalho’s death was a tragedy, one that no fighter should suffer. We can only hope that with this BAMMA announcement more follow suit and fighters get scanned before fights.

The current card for BAMMA 26 at the 3Arena in Dublin, Ireland is as it stands:

Paul Craig vs. Chris Fields

Rany Saadeh vs. Andy Young

James Gallagher vs. Sean Tobin

Alan Philpott vs. Aaron Blackwell

Paul Redmond vs. Jack McGann

Andy DeVent vs. Ronan McKay

Adam Jahovic vs. Dylan Tuke

Richard Edwards vs. Lloyd Manning

Mark Andrew vs. Blaine O’Driscoll

Myles Price vs. Declan Larkin

Patrick Wixted vs. James McErlean

Jordan James vs. Philip Mulpeter

Keith McCabe vs. Aidan Brooks

Glenn Irvine vs. John Redmond


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