Rashad Evans out again against Tim Kennedy

News has been quick this week so let’s cut to the chase, Rashad Evans who recently had to pull out of UFC 205 due to not being granted a licence by the NYC athletic commission has once again been pulled for not being granted a licence from the Toronto, Ontario commission.

The UFC released a statement saying:

UFC has been notified by the Ontario Athletic Commission that it has declined to approve a license for middleweight Rashad Evans, based on the recent medical issue that prohibited him from competing at UFC 205 in New York City,

As a result, Evans’ rescheduled bout against Tim Kennedy, set for UFC 206 in Toronto on Saturday, December 10, has subsequently been canceled.

The UFC organization takes the health and safety of all athletes competing under the UFC banner very seriously and has encouraged Evans to take all the appropriate time to consult with his physicians and properly evaluate his medical status prior to scheduling any future bouts.

All we really know so far is that the original MRI produced “irregular findings” Rashads manager assures fans that he is fine:

He’s fine, guys, said his manager Ali Abdel-Aziz to MMA Fighting. Rashad is fine. There’s nothing wrong with him.

With this announcement of the rescheduled fight being pulled, Rashad released this statement on social media:

Despite the latest news on not getting a license to fight in Toronto, I am 100% healthy, he wrote. I will not retire. Thank yuh for the support. The UFC have been very helpful with making sure I am ok and getting this cleared up. I apologize to Tim Kennedy for the inconvenience.

With this news Tim Kennedy is obviously frustrated, he had his camp for UFC 205 then will have kept it going for UFC 206, one fight camp alone is stressful and hard on the body and for Tim to have known that UFC 205 was the end  of it must have been extremely frustrating and mentally hard to reset and get back to work in the gym and get ready for 206.

We will keep you posted on any further announcements by Evans and Kennedy but at this time Evans is hoping for an early 2017 fight and Kennedy’s is currently TBD

UFC 206 however goes ahead with some great fights, including the LHW title rematch between Cormier and Johnson

















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